Season of KDE

Hi, I am Jean Lima Andrade, today I am going to talk about my experience in SoK.

I am participating in SoK 2020, Season of KDE, I have been working together with Caio Jordão Carvalho in marK, before talking more about the project, a bit about myself.

Some background

I am a rookie of IFBA, Federal Institute of Bahia, currently on the first semester. In 2019 I attended the LAkademy 2019, there I got to know lots of kind and cool persons, it was the first time that I was with persons that, like me, loved open software. Later, I got to know about SoK and applied with the help of Caio Jordão Carvalho, my mentor in this project. I had a bit of experience with C++ and C, although not much.

So, what is marK? marK Is a general purpose scientific tool for data annotation, in the future, is going to support images, text, audio and videos, to know more about the motivations and goals, see this post of Caio. Currently we are focusing in get a first release of the project that will support annotation of images and, hopefully, text too. In the future audio and video as well.

What I have done

I have talked with Caio and tried to implement fews things that MarK needed:

  • Create a file in format xml (this one already existed) or json with the saved annotation, currently only polygons (for images)
  • Read functions of both above mentioned too
  • Temporary files, to not lose unsaved annotation (it happened when a different file was loaded)

These ones still need correction and improvements, but I think is worth mentioning.

The proposal

you can see my proposal here. Spoiler: I messed up and didn’t keep with what I have said that I should do, there is no excuse for that, I am truly sorry.

The Project

The initial purpose of the project was to port the existing code of marK to qml (and improve/create what was needed for the first release), but it changed and was decided to improve an already existing code base of marK in QtWidget that was promising however still in its pretty initial phrase.


  • Never have written in Qt before
  • Novice, without much experience
  • Learn more about data annotation tools

I don’t think that I have contributed enough, although I have learned a lot with this experience, I am still lacking. I do hope that before end of SoK (roughly two weeks by the time of writing) I do more things worth mentioning, and help marK to have a soon to-be first release.

that is it, see you soon 😉

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