Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 1, 2 and 3

Hi! This is my report of the weeks 1, 2 and 3 of GSoC 2020.

First of all, sorry for taking a while to write the first post of the coding period, before writing I was making sure that everything was working properly and that I hadn’t broken anything, well now lets go to the actual report.

I have fixed the build errors of marK and merged the code of the branch of SoK 2020 that had yet to reach master, !2 . Also I started the implementation of text annotation.

Unfortunately I have nothing visual to show has the modifications do not change anything GUI-related, but there are things worth mentioning:

  • Use of opaque pointers, this is an important step for plugins support in the future.
  • Migrated the image annotation to its rightful place and separated it from the core of marK.
  • Improved the logic of the class that write/read annotation data to/from json and xml files.

That is it, see you in the next post ; )

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