Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 4 and 5

Hi, today I will talk about my week 4 and week 5 and bring some news!

The last post was short but this one will make up for it, explaining some important bits, and changes, in the structure of mark that changed/improved during the first month of coding in GSoC.

In week 4, I documented a huge part of the existing code, although there is still a need for some updates. Currently in week 5, I am fixing some bugs of the new logic and I will document the newly created Painter class (more information below), also start developing the logic for text annotation.

The structure of marK had some changes that I had like to highlight and explain. this diagram represents the current structure, with marK also being the main window class.

Current relationship of classes.

Container was an abstract class and its children handled the loading of the necessary items, such as the image for the previous ImageContainer and text for the to be TextContainer, and also annotate the data. After talking with my mentor, we decided that it could change for better and be simpler.

Now marK has only one Container, this one is a “canvas” to the Painter and he will be switched accordingly to the file type, the painters now are the ones responsible for load and display the contents of the files, and also handle the annotation of data.

The container holds the current MarkedObject being annotated and also a vector of the previous ones. With this change the code is smaller and it is easier and faster to change between different types of annotation.

Children of MarkedObject, each one represents, respectively, audio, image (and video) and text annotation.

MarkedObject represents the annotated data. Each MarkedObject has a reference of a MarkedClass, and use it to have a color and identifier for the annotation. It also uses d pointer to avoid problems related to ABI changes (as I said in the previous post).

The existing markedClasses are shown in the marK’s comboBox, being possible to select and also modify the name identifier and color. Allowing the user to personalize and edit accordingly to his needs.

Serializer is responsible for reading and saving the MarkedObjects resulted from the annotation in marK. Its functions have been refactored to support text annotation (and others types of annotation). Currently, serializer only exports to two file formats, xml and json.

Existing and futures children of Painter.

Painter is the base class of all Painters and is friend of the Container, as said before, it takes over the responsibility of the containers (of the previous logic). There will be a derived class for each type of annotation (such as the ones shown above). Currently, only ImagePainter exists and works but this month I will develop the TextPainter and change this.

In the next post I will explain about the TextPainter and show the initial text annotation in marK.

That is it, see you in the next post ; )

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