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Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 6, 7 and 8

Hi! Today, I am bringing the results of my work in developing text annotation support for marK.

In these three weeks I have been working in bug fixes and the logic to handle text annotation. It is worth mentioning one change in the original plan, I said in the previous posts that I was going to use KTextEdit, but for now, the code is using QTextEdit that is already available by using Qt and I could focus on the logic.

In the first day of the coding period I made a post that explained a bit about text annotation, now here are two examples that are already possible to do in marK:

Named Entity Recognition

Phrase Chunking

Using the 3 first lines of the example in brat’s screenshot of the aforementioned post.

Example of current usability

In this video I am doing named entity recognition annotation.

Above is a short video that I made to show the current state of text annotation in marK, near to the end, you can also see the file generated that contains the annotation data (a JSON file in this case).

This coding period was quite challenging, but also fun, I have learned a lot as I was implementing the logic to handle text annotation. Also, as you could see in the video, now it is possible to annotate data with mouse click and drag instead of only clicking, I think it will improve the user experience, making marK more comfortable to use, and it is not only limited to text annotation, image annotation supports it too.

What is next? I will fix the bugs that I found, improve the UX, make the code more performant and, together with my mentor, prepare marK to have his first release.

that is it, see you in the next post ; )


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