• Season of KDE 2021
    Hello, it has been a while, today I bring good news! First a bit of background, I am Jean Lima Andrade, a second year student of IFBA (Federal institute of Bahia), last year I have participated on SoK 2020 and GSoC 2020. You may know me from my previous posts. On this Season of KDE, I will be adding support for audio annotation on marK. This year, Pranav, a fellow SoK student, will also add video annotation support, I will be mentored by Caio Jordão Carvalho alongside Tomaz Canabrava. I look forward to work with all of them. That isContinuar lendo “Season of KDE 2021”
  • Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 12
    Hello! This is the post about my week 12 and, probably, also my final post for GSoC 2020. You can see my Merge Request in regards to the support of text annotation here. Today I will talk about what I have done this week and also show the progress of marK so far near the end of GSoC. I have implemented and fixed what I mentioned in the previous post and there are more commits that I want to highlight: Do not allow edit an existing polygon if is dragging A small change (only two lines) that prevents a bugContinuar lendo “Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 12”
  • Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 9, 10 and 11
    Hello! In these three weeks, I focused on general bug fixes (majority caused by me btw) and also on improving the logic behind text annotation: Show current directory in listLabel containing A minor fix, now marK shows the initial working directory, the one where it was open at, in the listLabel (that is above the list of items). Reset containerWidget properly when changing directory When changing the working directory and the current painter was the textPainter, the TextEdit instance would not be closed properly, thus not behaving as it should, as the imagePainter is the default in the containerWidget (widgetContinuar lendo “Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 9, 10 and 11”
  • Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 6, 7 and 8
    Hi! Today, I am bringing the results of my work in developing text annotation support for marK. In these three weeks I have been working in bug fixes and the logic to handle text annotation. It is worth mentioning one change in the original plan, I said in the previous posts that I was going to use KTextEdit, but for now, the code is using QTextEdit that is already available by using Qt and I could focus on the logic. In the first day of the coding period I made a post that explained a bit about text annotation, nowContinuar lendo “Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 6, 7 and 8”
  • Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 4 and 5
    Hi, today I will talk about my week 4 and week 5 and bring some news! The last post was short but this one will make up for it, explaining some important bits, and changes, in the structure of mark that changed/improved during the first month of coding in GSoC. In week 4, I documented a huge part of the existing code, although there is still a need for some updates. Currently in week 5, I am fixing some bugs of the new logic and I will document the newly created Painter class (more information below), also start developing theContinuar lendo “Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 4 and 5”
  • Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 1, 2 and 3
    Hi! This is my report of the weeks 1, 2 and 3 of GSoC 2020. First of all, sorry for taking a while to write the first post of the coding period, before writing I was making sure that everything was working properly and that I hadn’t broken anything, well now lets go to the actual report. I have fixed the build errors of marK and merged the code of the branch of SoK 2020 that had yet to reach master, !2 . Also I started the implementation of text annotation. Unfortunately I have nothing visual to show has theContinuar lendo “Google Summer of Code 2020 – week 1, 2 and 3”
  • Google Summer of Code 2020 – Community bonding a bit about text annotation
    Hello! As I said in the previous post I will be posting in this blog about my experiences in GSoC 2020 (if you do not know about it, see my first post). Community bonding period has ended and officially the coding period begins now. This is my second (and late) post and I will talk about one of my main objectives in this project, text annotation, but first a little introduction: In a supervised learning stage, data annotation is indispensable to machine learning models, so it can learn to recognize predetermined patterns and the algorithm can treat new, non-annotated dataContinuar lendo “Google Summer of Code 2020 – Community bonding a bit about text annotation”
  • Google Summer of Code 2020 – Community bonding introduction
    Hi! Today, I am bringing some good news. The Google Summer of Code 2020 results were announced and I was accepted as a student! I am excited and grateful for this opportunity that KDE community has given to me and I will focus to do an excellent work during this project. 🙂 I  will be working on marK, a machine learning dataset annotation tool, which I have already contributed during Season of KDE 2020. If you don’t know about it, please check my status report. And here is a brief description about what I am going to do during thisContinuar lendo “Google Summer of Code 2020 – Community bonding introduction”
  • Update about SoK 2020
    hey there it is me again.Has you probably should know I am participating in SoK 2020, see this post first otherwise. We are near the end of the project, and I had like to say what more I have done after my first post. you can see all the commits in this repo. Recently I have made an Merge Request(!1) to apply all the commits that I have done. Things that I want to point it out: Auto save functionality Fix of the function that added new classes Navigating through items with arrow keys Support to images bigger than 1280Continuar lendo “Update about SoK 2020”
  • Season of KDE
    Hi, I am Jean Lima Andrade, today I am going to talk about my experience in SoK. I am participating in SoK 2020, Season of KDE, I have been working together with Caio Jordão Carvalho in marK, before talking more about the project, a bit about myself. Some background I am a rookie of IFBA, Federal Institute of Bahia, currently on the first semester. In 2019 I attended the LAkademy 2019, there I got to know lots of kind and cool persons, it was the first time that I was with persons that, like me, loved open software. Later, IContinuar lendo “Season of KDE”

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